We Are Not A Gym

Gyms are being revolutionised. We know that they don’t work.

Nutrition rather than exercise has become the precursor to results.

Useless equipment is being replaced by space.

Unmotivated and out-of-shape staff are being replaced with inspiring coaches.

Being left to our own devices is being replaced by being part of a community.

And so much more.

But above all else. . . People are having fun rather than dragging themselves through workouts. Which means they keep training, and they train better. Which means they are finally getting results.


We are 70% what you eat, 30% how you train.

We are stripping back the hype, the gimmicks, the cheats and the fads in the fitness industry. We are rooted in healthy eating, and fun but challenging training; the only thing that ever worked and ever will.

We know that 80% of physical results are achieved through just 20% of what people do in the gym; we change that, no more guesswork.

We inspire, push and empower them to be better as individuals.

We are BARE.



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